We're still working on an official bootable image, but in the meantime, you do still have a couple options to install yiffOS.

When using these methods, contact the creator first before getting support from the official yiffOS channels.

These methods assume that you're somewhat comfortable with using the terminal and have basic knowledge about Linux and related utilities.

3rd Party Image

You can get a raw image (read: not an ISO image) of an yiffOS system dedicated to installation over at Vore Microcomputers. Please note that this requires UEFI to boot and a working internet connection.

To use this image, you can either just dd it onto a USB or mount it as a raw disk image in your favourite VM software.

These products DO NOT allow you to mount a raw disk image, you can follow these steps to boot it in VMWare or VirtualBox. (You may need to adjust the commands based on your OS/Distro)

3rd Party Install Script

If you're already on a Linux distro, you can use this install script provided you also have bulge built and installed for your host system. The usage for the install script is install-yiffos.sh /dev/<EFI PARTITION> /dev/<ROOT PARTITION>.