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yiffOS is an experimental Linux distribution that uses it's own package manager and is based off of the LFS books.

We're an independent, volunteer developed, general-purpose Linux distribution that aims to support a stable base while also allowing users to install the latest versions of software. We aim to keep things simple, close to upstream, and allow the user to configure the system to do what they want.


Install Guide
A guide on how to install yiffOS to a system.
General Recommendations
Recommended post-install steps and tutorials.
Links to download various versions of yiffOS.
Help make yiffOS better! There are many ways to contribute to yiffOS.

Bulge & Sheath

yiffOS Packages
List of all Bulge packages in the main repositories
List of available yiffOS repository mirrors

Other Links

yiffOS GitLab
Source code and collaboration platform for yiffOS and related projects.
Main Discord server where collaboration and help is done.
Quick short posts about important yiffOS news and events.
Quick short posts about important yiffOS news and events on ActivityPub.
Issue Reporting
Want to request a package or report a bug? Go here to file an issue.
Get help and talk about yiffOS and other Linuxy things! Long form news about yiffOS is also posted here.

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